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3D fractal art in the form of models, sculptures, homewares and jewellery by unellenu. There are also beautiful non-fractal creations in the form of mathematical art and other unique designs. Selected unellenu designs by Janelle Dehanne Wilson are currently available from the unellenu store on Shapeways & unellenu on Etsy

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Selected designs can also be custom made to order contact unellenu.


3D printed iphone 5 cases by unellenu on Shapeways

3D Printed Jellyfish lamp available for purchase on Shapeways




3D printed

Design of the Jellyfish Lampshade.
A Jellyfish lampshade designed using fractal and traditional 3D computer aided design techniques. The body of the jellyfish is a Mandelbulb fractal which has been modified to form the main part of the lamp shade. The tentacles are modelled in Rhino 3D, including the chains which take advantage of the ability for 3D printing to create moving parts. The resulting detailed design creates a fascinating lighting feature.


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