3 great examples of innovation in 3D mathematical jewelry

iStockJewel3D jewellery designer marketplace ~ Connecting JewelersDue to suggestions by several users, in this post we learn more about 3D math jewelry with three designers: Basheba, and Growthobjects Unellenu.Basheba is an artist who explores all kinds of artistic expression in … Read More

Shapeways Homepage

ShapewaysThe 3D fractal “Pointy Shells” LED Candleshade and Peacock Pendant, from the Spinnoloids range, featured on the Shapeways homepage during early January 2012.This pendant is available on Shapeways in sterling silver in two sizes:  Peacock 7.7cm & Peacock 10cmThe LED candleshade … Read More


Cadlink, le Journalfeatured the unellenu 3D printed ceramic soap dish in their photos section.## NO WORKY – http://paper.li/Cadlink#!photos 

Must-See Inspirational 3D Prints

The Shapeways Blog ~ Friday Finds3D Printing News and InnovationThe Fractal Heart Ornament (or very large Pendant) was featured in selective laser sintered nylon:unellenu making an oversized impact with her oversized fractal heart ornament.See the full blog article here:  Friday … Read More

How can you break a fractal heart?

Book of JoeLong answer short: you can’t, really, because all you’ll get is more fractal hearts.But I digress.They were conceived and created by Janelle Wilson who writes, “I’m a [Sydney-based] designer at unellenu design, primarily of jewelry, also accessories, decorative objects … Read More

3D December on the Forums!

The Shapeways Blog ~ Friday Finds3D Printing News and InnovationIncredible work from the Shapeways community just keeps rolling in. Check out some of this week’s highlights below, or browse “It Arrived” on our forums for more. Happy Friday! unellenu’s Spinnoloids Pendant … Read More

Highlights from Holiday 2011 Cyber Monday

The Shapeways Blog ~ Friday Finds3D Printing News and InnovationThe Snowflake is available as a Pendant and as a Christmas decoration.Cyber Monday may have passed, but for many of us, that’s only the beginning. We’re back this Friday with a … Read More

Shapeways holiday gift guide

Gift Guide ~ Designed Uniqueunellenu ‘Wings’ Earrings were featured in the Shapeways holiday gift guide during December 2011 – January 2012, pictured in 3D printed stainless steel.https://www.shapeways.com/gift-guide

Highlights from the week of November 11th

The Shapeways Blog ~ Friday Finds3D Printing News and InnovationThe Linear Lotus Rings were featured in various coloured nylon plastic.Friday Finds is here with an awesome array of 3D printed art from some amazingly talented community members. If you’d like to … Read More

Muses Magazine

Muses MagazineSterling silver jewellery designed by unellenu was featured in the May 2011 edition.http://www.magcloud.com/user/musesmag

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