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Heart and diamond sterling silver spoon by unellenu
Silver spoon

A solid sterling silver spoon suited as a generous teaspoon or a small dessert spoon.
The form of the spoon consists of a sculptural heart, a soft curved handle, and a linear diamond structure as the finial.
A romantic gift suited as an exquisite decorative object, and also as the perfect implement for a sumptuous dessert.
The overall length of the spoon is 14cm (5.5 inches).
Designed by unellenu and fabricated by Shapeways.

Currently available for purchase on Etsy - 1 only





This design was created by unellenu using 3D design software.
The resulting 3D (.stl) file was then printed in 3D in wax, and then cast in sterling silver by Shapeways.
The silver is then finished and polished by Shapeways. It then had further polishing applied.
A combination of ancient techniques (casting) and modern high-tech methods are used in many of unellenu's creations, 
with a respect for the past and a passion for utilising the best current technology.