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Design Techniques

The creator of unellenu designs, Janelle uses a variety of processes including traditional hand drawing, hand made objects, and digital design techniques.


Hand drawings and sketches

Illustrations include freeform drawing and sketching using predominantly pencils, sometimes with a touch of guache added.
The drawing style ranges from quite geometric using tech-drawing tools, to some more freeform, intuitive designs.

Ruby Emerald knot jewelry drawing by Janelle Wilson Geometry vesica petals drawing by unellenu Hand drawing by unellenu

2D Computer designs

Many designs are conceptualised in 2D, often using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, sometimes incorporating hand drawn and photographic elements.
Janelle has experience in fine jewellery design and graphic design, and a passion for certain aesthetics including interference patterns as illustrated below.

unellenu dollars Cocoon jewelry by unellenu Jewelry concepts by unellenu

3D Computer designs

A 3D .stl file is created using a combination of techniques. Some design elements are first created in 2D programs, others are completely created in 3D.
Repetition, re-iteration and 3D fractals are favourite themes.
The file is then directly 3D printed in one of a selection of materials, including metal and plastic. In the case of silver the design is 3D printed in wax first and then cast.

Voronoi sphere within a sphere within a sphere

Linear Lotus pendant Magic key