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The Jewellery Sector and 3D Printing

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3D Printing Industry Industry Insight When it comes to applications of 3D printing, there are few more appealing or captivating for the consumer than jewellery. Just take a look at the jewellery gallery we presented last week, browse through the … Read More

3DEA Pop Up Shop 2012

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3DEA Think it. Make it. Pop-up 3D printing store and event Learn about 3D printing in a fun, hands-on environment & peruse the collection of designer products, 3D printed by Shapeways. 835 6th Avenue, at 29th Street, New York City, … Read More

Shapeways Designer Spotlight

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Designer Spotlight: Janelle Dehanne Wilson 3D Printing News and Innovation This weeks Designer Spotlight focuses on Janelle Dehanne Wilson, a jeweler who turned her fascination of fractals into a jewelry line, unellenu.Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are … Read More

Shapeways Homepage

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Shapeways The 3D fractal “Pointy Shells” LED Candleshade and Peacock Pendant, from the Spinnoloids range, featured on the Shapeways homepage during early January 2012. This pendant is available on Shapeways in sterling silver in two sizes:  Peacock 7.7cm & Peacock 10cm … Read More

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