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The Jewellery Sector and 3D Printing

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When it comes to applications of 3D printing, there are few more appealing or captivating for the consumer than jewellery. Just take a look at the jewellery gallery we presented last week, browse through the archives of 3DPI or visit the sites of some of the talented jewellery designers that have embraced 3D printing technologies. However, the technical requirements for 3D printing jewellery — particularly at the high end of the market — are fairly extensive in terms of sophisticated processes, materials for casting within the traditional process and, more recently, printing jewellery pieces directly.

Few, if any, can dispute that the jewellery sector is huge. Last year alone the market size was estimated to be in the region of $150 billion, according to The sector covers a wide spectrum — from top-end products that retail for hundreds of thousands of dollars each, down to the lower end of the market where products are produced in high volumes and retail for only few dollars a piece. Regardless of the price, though, jewellery is purchased and worn as a personal statement made by the wearer — and the appeal of jewellery is universal.

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October 30th, 2012 - Article by Eetu Kuneinen