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Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital

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Sydney Design Festival A collaboration between the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (formerly the Powerhouse Museum) and the Museum of Arts & Design, New York. “Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital explores the increasingly important role of digital manufacture in contemporary … Read More

The Third Dimension Pop Up Shop

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The Third Dimension 3D printed wearablesAn exhibition including jewellery, 3D printed fabric & wearable designs, in plastics, stainless steel & sterling silver.Part of Sydney Design 2014 #syddes5th August 2014 – 24th August 201473 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW, Australia Exhibitors:  unellenu, … Read More

Art’s new dimension

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The Sydney Morning Herald ~ Spectrum”3D printing has launched a creative revolution.Imagine a replica of Michelangelo’s David with those unnaturally large hands rendered in chocolate. Art that you know, but not as you know it.That’s the idea behind the Powerhouse … Read More

Art in Science: Unellenu’s Fractal Art

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U Creative ~ You The Designer: A Graphic Design Lifestyle Blog”Janelle Wilson who goes by the artistic name of Unellenu is a jewelry designer based in Sydney, Australia who creates unique jewelry pieces inspired by fractals. For those who are … Read More

3D pictures worth much more than 1000 words

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The Sydney Morning Herald ~ IT Pro ~ Business IT Smartphone owners are using 3D scanner apps and accessories to create digital designs that can be made into tangible objects. Almost 100 million users have downloaded smartphone apps developed by … Read More

The Jewellery Sector and 3D Printing

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3D Printing IndustryIndustry InsightWhen it comes to applications of 3D printing, there are few more appealing or captivating for the consumer than jewellery. Just take a look at the jewellery gallery we presented last week, browse through the archives of … Read More

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